Social Videos

Social videos cover all the other sections on our website such as promotional videos, events and charity videos. However whats different about social is the format.

We don’t just mean the shape of the video you view. The editing style is completely different, the content has to be more original.

Peoples attention span is so short on social. To stand out you need to be different, to create content that’s short and snappy, that people haven’t seen before. That gets to the point.

ALOT of companies get this very wrong. We’re here to not only create the content but to advise on what works. To save you money and effort in the longer run.

Case Studies

International Womens Day – Social Videos

A social video showcasing an international womens day. The most eye catching shot is used at the start of the video, to make someone stop. One someone has committed to watching your video on social its far easier to keep them engaged and move onto what you want to portray.

Inner Good Social Videos

We did a series of Social Videos do increase interest in well being events at Regents Place. This was one of the first. There is some unique content in there. The client requested a logo at the start as an essential. We have since strongly recommended they change this and engagement has increased.

The Shard

This social video was shot to showcase how The Shard celebrated Macmillan’s Coffee Morning.

Pride Installation

This short social video showcases a Pride installation at Regents Place

Broadgate CTA

This CTA social video helped raise awareness for an app available to people on campus at Broadgate in London.

These are just some of the examples of the social videos produced by Vision Productions. Social is a relatively new form of media and one that is somewhat overlooked. We’ve found demand has greatly increased for social content and as a result we’ve been researching what works so we can create content that works for our clients.

Our main goal with social videos is to increase watch time and engagement. So if you’re running a campaign or want to build your following you have content that will make that process faster.

We want to hear about your social video needs, get in contact via the contact forms on this page.