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Social Media is so important to brands at present. It is the newest form of promoting your brand and is currently the powerful method of growing a brand.

The reason social media is so important is it allows for you to gain consistent attention. Social media content (done properly) can dramatically increase confidence in your brand and it’s products or services. This attention and confidence is the most effective way to get someone to commit to an interaction with your business. Whether that’s a lead, a sale, a referral, a like on social media or anything interaction that holds value.

Our packages are designed to let your business grow (and fast) without you having to worry about it. The key factor companies miss with social media is consistency and quality of content, our packages solve that problem by providing you with consistent high quality  content to promote your business.

We also offer bespoke solutions so for example if you’re just looking to run Facebook or social ads and want the content to make them convert, that option is for you!


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  • Percent of online marketers who use video content 87% 87%
  • Percentage of mobile video viewers who regularly share content 92% 92%
  • Information retained when watching a video (it’s 10% for text) 95% 95%

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We are the new breed of social media content agency. Our main goal is to build your business. To see it grow. Social media is the new frontier for business growth. It’s a time when smaller startup businesses can go head to head with huge corporations and in alot of cases win.

All we do is help you take advantage of the current climate and make your business grow.