Event Videos

We are highly experienced in shooting event videos, we have shot videos at some of the largest events in the UK. Our first step is to fully understand your requirements. That means not only discussing your video requirements, but gaining an in depth knowledge about your event, your key audience, and why you want an event video.

This attention to detail allows us to perfectly tailor the event video so it is fit for purpose.

As we’re experts in event video we can take away a lot of the burden on your need to manage the whole process. We can take ownership and guide you through the production process, allowing you to focus on what matters to you, your event!

Case Studies

Nordic Winter – Events Video

A piece commissioned by Regents PlaceĀ  to showcase a series of events they did titled Nordic Winter. The video was used to show to prospects looking to move onto business premises at Regents Place. Which houses companies such as Facebook and Santander. As a way to showcase the wellbeing aspect of campus life.

Jagex Summer Deadman

A gaming event for the popular game Runescape. This video was used as a hype video online and in the arena to explain the backstory of the event and help give insight into the players appearing on stage.

Paddington Central

An event video for Paddington Central showcasing a series of events across their summer campaign ‘Urban Eden’

International Womens Day

A video for International Womens Day. This is an example of how event videos can be used in social format. Whilst many of the same rules apply, the rise of social videos over recent years lends itself to a slightly different editing style.

These are just some of the examples of the event videos produced by Vision Productions. Events has been a staple element of our work since inception in 2012. Over the years we’ve filmed events of varying sizes from events at the NEC such as Insomnia Gaming Festival and Gadget Show Live. To EGX expo a the Expo Arena in London. To smaller events such as the International Womens Day Event seen above.

We want to hear what your event is, chances are we’ve filmed something similar and can send across some examples of more relevant videos. You can contact us via our contact form on this page.