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Charity Videos focused on your results. We have the experience to analyse your charity and its audience to expertly tailor content for your needs.

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We have made charity videos for some of the largest and well known charities in the UK. Help for Heroes, The Princes Trust and Chiltern Music Therapy are some of our charity clients.

We understand that the main driving force behind an effective charity video is emotion. It is by presenting strong emotions through our charity videos that they’re so effective.

We have special rates and deals available to registered charities. If you’re looking for a charity video, get in contact with us via the forms on this page.

John went above and beyond, producing a slick script and scheduling shooting in and around our already ridiculous timeline. He captured the energy and pressure of delivering a world’s first in just 5 weeks while still displaying professionalism and a methodic nature. As an aside, we came to think of John as ‘one of us’ and quickly came to trust his direction and creative ideas.

Matt Littler

Head of Moving Image, Brandwidth, Nokia

John is a very talented and hard-working cameraman and editor with a great technical ability and awareness of a variety of styles of shooting. He is able to add tremendous value to shoots by advising and giving valuable input into the creative process to help produce high quality films.

Simon Parry

International Development Manager, Cunard, Cunard

The work done on the Profoto video was exceptional. We were very impressed with the variety of content you managed to achieve with minimal crew. The edit was the exact tone and high standard that we were looking for.

Holly Wren

Profoto Ambassador, Holly Wren Photography, Profoto

I have worked with John for many years across multiple types of projects including corporate videos, Esports, community and even live production projects. John has always proven to be a talented and pragmatic cinematographer and editor, and I would recommend working with him on any video project from creative conception through to shooting and editing.

Steve Wildon

Head of Video and Live Production, Jagex

Case Studies

Chiltern Music Therapy

We have filmed several videos for Chiltern Music Therapy. Our latest, a case study of Sienna and the effects that music therapy have had on her is a great example of emotional storytelling.

Help for Heroes – Charity Videos

A charity video for Help for Heroes. The footage was shot at the first Invictus Games, held in the UK. The footage was purposed into several videos maximizing value. Some of this footage also featured on the BBC and ITV.

Princes Trust – Charity Videos

We have filmed several events linked to the Princes Trust. This video was shot in collaboration with the Princes Trust and Cunard as a way to show the positive impact of their youth program.

These are examples of the charity videos produced by Vision Productions. Charity videos are amazing to work on. We’re helping a good cause whilst at the same time creating an engaging narrative. We’re passionate about working with charities and will go out of our way to ensure you’re happy with the end product we supply.

We’d love to hear what your charity project is to see if you’d be a good fit as one of our clients going forward. If you’re looking for quality and experienced video production, you can get in contact via the forms on this page.